To the uninitiated, some dog play can look really rough and frightening.  Some play politely, greeting each other with gentle play bows as an invitation to play, while others, like the bulldog breeds, love to just slam their full body weight into each other. Some grip each other around the neck with their mouth. It’s all just good fun. 

When finding a doggy friend for your pup to play with, be sure to match them with a dog that enjoys a similar style of play.

Here are a few of the most common styles of play:

Body Slammer 

These dogs run and charge at each other with the full force of their body weight. Heavy-duty play!


As the name suggests, these dogs like to chase each other round and round, taking turns being the ‘chaser’ and the one being chased. 


Wrestlers like to play rough and tumble, happy to have full body contact with each other. They engage with other and often mouth each other around the necks. They take turns at pinning each other down. 


Tuggers just love something to pull on. If they can find another dog to play tug-of-war with, they are happy.


These dogs are happy to adjust their play styles to suit their playmate.  They enjoy a bit of everything.


These are the dogs that stand on the sidelines, barking loudly and excitedly cheering the others on. They might not seem to be joining in but they are having fun.