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Getting Your Pup’s Attention

The most important thing to work on when training your new pup, is to be able get their attention. Nothing else can be trained without first getting them to focus on you.

15 Vital Behaviours to Train

Our training guide gives you 15 vital behaviours to train – plus lets you know at what stage these will be important for your puppy and why.

Getting Started With Clicker Training

Dog training is so much easier when you can accurately ‘mark’ the exact behaviour you are looking for with a ‘click’. Download our introduction to clicker training video now.

The Positive Puppy

Find out more about Positive Reinforcement (PR) Training
and the positive effect it can have on your relationship
with your dog.

Training Your Pup to ‘Leave It’

This training should be a priority! ‘Leave It’ could literally save your dog’s life. Download our free video today which helps you to introduce the ‘Leave It’ command to your dog.

Training Recall With Your Pup

This training should be a priority as it’s vital your pup should know the recall command. Download our free video today which helps you to introduce your pup to recall or come.

Free Video Series

Want to learn five of the easiest tricks to teach your dog? Sign up today to get access to our free video series and start having fun with your pup. 

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