When it comes to puppy communication, body language is all-important. Dogs find our body language easier to read and understand, than listening to what we have to say.

That is why when we are training our pups and dogs to do basic behaviours like focus on us, or sit, or stay, we pair the verbal cue with a visual body language signal.  This is a much clearer instruction to a dog.

Dog’s communicate with each other using body language, wagging tails, crouching low, play bows, or raising their hackles, for example. They also use eye contact and facial expressions like showing their teeth.

When it comes to puppy communication, your pup has entered a new world, and you and your pup need to learn how to communicate with each other effectively. 

Observe your pup when he is playing, relaxing, tired, nervous, wary.  How is his body language changing?  Use this to help you work out how he is feeling.

Your pup will soon learn that if you stand up over him with a stern face then that isn’t good, but if you crouch down low, have open arms and a big smile on your face, that is good.

In a dog’s world staring at one another or showing teeth is a threatening behaviour. Your pup needs to learn, and he will quickly, that a human looking at him and smiling, even with teeth showing is not threatening behaviour.

It’s the start of a mutual communication process.