How much can you tell about what your pup is thinking from his facial expressions?  Quite a lot.

To understand what each one means they should be considered in context to the rest of the dog’s body language and the environment or situation.

raised eyebrow or two while your pup is looking at you, means  your pup is alert and interested in what you are up to.

A little head tilt means your pup is curious.

Yawning could just be tiredness but it can also be a sign of stress.

Lip-licking could be a sign of submission or anxiety. If all other body language is relaxed, he could just be licking his lips!

Smiling or pulling back his lips to show you his canines, doesn’t necessarily mean happiness or aggression. It can be a sign of excitement. When displayed to other dogs it can be a sign of submission.

Smiling and wrinkling the nose at the same time as showing his teeth, means he’s angry. There could be a growl coming next!

loving gaze from a your pup could be a request for approval or attention.

Squinting or blinking when your dog isn’t looking at you is often a sign of pain or discomfort.

Squinting or blinking when your dog is looking at you often means they are trying to figure out what you are thinking.

Head lowering while looking up at you is a sign of submission.