It is a sensible idea to get into a puppy routine as early as possible.  You will find that your pup is more settled when they learn the order that things happen. 

This is particularly important with regard to toilet training.  Pups must be taken out every hour from as soon as you wake up until bedtime, typically 8am -11pm. 

Everyone’s day looks a little different but these are the things you need to schedule into your routine once you have a new puppy in the home.

  • 4 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper
  • 2 training sessions – these do not need to be long. Start with about 5 minutes a session, split into 2 minutes, rest, and then another 2 minutes approximately. Be guided by your pup. Some days he or she will be eager, others he may be tired or distracted. Over time, the pup’s attention and ability to focus will get stronger, you can lengthen the sessions and learn when is the best time of day for you both. 
  • At least one short, 10-15 minutes, play session every morning, afternoon and evening plus another one just before bedtime.
  • Before vaccinations are complete, at least 4 short sessions per day exploring outdoors in the garden (weather permitting).

    * Once vaccinations are complete, a minimum of 3 short walks per day. The duration of the walks will build slowly as they grow stronger.
  • Include in these daily walks, lots of variety of experiences, and the opportunity to socialise. 
  • One short, 2-3 minutes a day, handling session. Getting your pup used to being touch all over with your hands, a towel and a soft brush.

    * 2 or 3 opportunities per day to explore the house under supervision.

That is A LOT! You will be busy. It might be a good idea to write up your daily routine on a board or make a list to hang up, so you and other family members can check or tick off, what’s been completed each day.